For Distributors

Concepts for Profit® helps foodservice distributors attract greater manufacturer support for local sales and marketing programs. To achieve sustainable working relationships in the market, we focus on the following core principles to drive mutually-beneficial growth for the distributor, the manufacturer, and the operator:

  • chef and sales repOrganize around the ever-changing requirements of the foodservice operator by identifying the ideal products and combinations that help the operator improve the credibility of the product offering in the eyes of the consumer, creating product pull-through at the local level.
  • Leverage the manufacturer’s investment in market research, merchandising, and category insights that are regularly shared with major national chains, but often don’t reach the local independent operator.
  • Partner strategically with a select group of the distributor’s top manufacturer-suppliers that are willing to invest a higher percentage of time and resources in return for targeted growth and measured results.
  • Drive a solutions-based sales strategy tied to metrics the operator follows on a daily basis: Improvements in guest traffic, higher check average, and profitable menu innovation.

We encourage distributors to take control by partnering strategically. Don’t remain at the mercy of the market, or allow your company to be viewed as an undifferentiated customer to the manufacturer.