Branded Merchandising

Increase Foodservice Profits with Tasteful In-store Woman working in restaurantBranded Merchandising

Taking advantage of the front-of-the-house merchandising power of national brands with strong consumer loyalty can help drive the following positive outcomes for your restaurant, convenience store, or retail food operation:

  • Prompt impulse sales of higher margin items
  • Up-sell products in the snack, beverage, appetizer, and dessert categories
  • Promote exciting new offerings that sell without discounting
  • Introduce “grab-and-go” items that guests can take home or back to the office
  • Increase the overall guest check average

Each business owner will ultimately decide which national brands reflect the Convenience Store Shopperappropriate quality and value proposition of their establishment. The “tools of the trade” in front-of-the-house merchandising may include branded counter displays, tabletop and table tent promotions, branded bakery and dessert cases, high-impact food photography in the form of posters or counter cards, and various branded checkout, wait staff, and server promotional tools.

Some national brand manufacturers may provide access to a wide variety of powerful merchandising tools simply by agreeing to use the brand in the establishment.

Johnsonville Foodservice – Johnsonville’s equipment and merchandising programs include point-of-sale materials to increase breakfast, appetizer, and sandwich sales in convenience stores. Colorful posters, magnets, static clings, and equipment solutions for heating and holding. More.

Tyson Foodservice: The Tyson programs support multiple brands and include merchandising such as hot dog roller grills, branded warmers, countertop displays, and more. More.

Danone Foodservice – Danone’s unique coffee bar merchandising program is ideal for a variety of operations and features branded countertop displays and dispensing units. More.

McCain Foodservice: Merchandising including colorful signage, promotional materials, and equipment solutions. More.

Campbell’s Foodservice – Campbell’s Foodservice provides merchandising and equipment solutions for its hot soup program for foodservice establishments. Merchandising resources include branded soup kettles, soup server wells, countertop and tabletop merchandisers and warming units. More.

Smucker Foodservice – Smucker merchandising solutions include a selection of coffee and tea merchandising and equipment solutions for foodservice operations. More.

Concepts for Profit will continue to provide new insights on the latest in-store marketing and merchandising solutions to help drive profitable foodservice sales.