Investor Support – Foodservice Industry Expertise

Investor 3Concepts for Profit provides specialized support to institutional investors through informed market insights and real-world observations in the assessment of market opportunities, business strategies, and related initiatives within the foodservice industry.

Concepts for Profit brings over 30 years of diverse foodservice industry experience in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, procurement, and supply chain strategy. We have served as a trusted advisor to institutional investors, distributors, manufacturers, and technology companies.

Examples of Concepts for Profit investor support services include:

• Industry opportunities, risks, and key market drivers
• Competitive dynamics of supply-side participants
• On-site assessment of operating companies
• Strategic fit for potential acquisitions
• Distributor operating performance
• Manufacturer trade promotion management
• Business planning and market strategy
• Marketing program assessment
• Vendor selection considerations
• Communications strategy
• Service supplier companies

Investment decisions related to opportunities within the foodservice sector often extend into multiple market segments supported by Concepts for Profit including foodservice operators, foodservice distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, technology companies, and related service providers that support the industry.