For Manufacturers

Concepts for Profit is Bringing Brands Forward® to help manufacturers, distributors, and foodservice operators drive profitable business improvement together. We believe that profitable growth can be accomplished to the benefit of all parties in the foodservice system by focusing on the key drivers of demand in the market.

Operator Focus as the Bridge to Manufacturer-Distributor Collaboration

manufacturer plant workerManufacturers willing to collaborate with operators and distributors in a demand-based business strategy will be selling more product and attracting more time and attention from their customers. It is exactly under this premise that Concepts for Profit works to help transform working relationships from transactional (price/product) to strategic (value creation) by focusing on the ever-changing dynamics of the foodservice operator.

  • Organize around the requirements of the foodservice operator by identifying the ideal products and combinations that help improve the credibility of the product offering in the eyes of the consumer, creating product pull-through at the local level.
  • Transform the distributor’s focus from “buy-side” to “sell-side” demand-based decision making by collaborating strategically to drive targeted growth and measured results at the local level.
  • Implement a solutions-based sales strategy tied to metrics the operator follows on a daily basis: Improvements in guest traffic, higher check average, and profitable menu innovation.

By equating “brands” with “profit,” Concepts for Profit is Bringing Brands Forward® to help manufacturers differentiate by driving profitable demand in the local markets.